Instant $500 Payout When Wildfires Strike!

Secure your peace of mind during wildfire evacuations with EvacCash. Simple, automatic, essential.

Instant $500 Payout When Wildfires Strike!

Why Choose EvacCash?

For just $50 a year, get immediate assistance during wildfire evacuations with a $500 cash payout.

Instant Evacuation Funds
In the event of a mandatory evacuation due to a wildfire, EvacCash provides you with $500 in immediate funds to cover your essential needs.
No More Claims
No paperwork. EvacCash activates automatically, delivering financial relief instantly without the need to file an insurance claim.
Put Your Family First
Ensure their safety and needs with swift, reliable support and unwavering peace of mind during wildfire threats.
Preparedness Resources
Stay informed and safe with our easy-to-access educational tools and support center focused on wildfire readiness.

One Simple Plan

EvacCash has you covered! Get $500 instantly with no claims or paperwork. Peace of mind for just $50/year.

One Simple Plan

Designed to cover your essential needs. Up to 2 evacuations per year.

What’s included

  • Instant $500 payout
  • Dedicated Customer Support
  • Emergency Preparedness Resources

Trusted by Thousands

Hear From Our Customers

“Living in a wildfire-prone area, EvacCash's prompt financial support has been crucial. The instant access to funds has enabled us to secure safe lodging and essentials swiftly during evacuations.”

Elena Rodriguez
Home Owner, Santa Rosa, California

“Wildfires are a seasonal threat here, and financial readiness is essential. EvacCash has removed the stress of evacuations by ensuring I have the necessary funds for temporary accommodations and transport. The process is hassle-free, and the customer support is excellent.”

James Park
Freelance Graphic Designer, Redding, California

“Repeated evacuations due to wildfires are our harsh reality. Thanks to EvacCash, we can evacuate promptly with the funds needed for a safe place and essentials. Their preparedness resources have also been a great help.”

Alicia Mendes
Teacher, Santa Rosa, California

“After experiencing the devastation of wildfires firsthand, EvacCash has become an indispensable part of my evacuation plan, providing immediate funds that are a lifesaver during such critical times.”

Thomas Lee
IT Consultant, Paradise, California

“As someone always ready to help others during emergencies, knowing EvacCash takes care of my evacuation needs allows me to focus on my community without worrying about personal financial impacts.”

Sophie Chen
Nurse, Chico, California

“Living in a wildfire-risk area means always being prepared. EvacCash has ensured that my family and I can focus on safety without financial worries during evacuations.”

Marco Bianchi
Home Renter, Grass Valley, California

Frequently Asked Questions

What is EvacCash?

EvacCash is an innovative evacuation insurance product designed to provide immediate financial support to individuals and families during an evacuation. When a wildfire occurs in your area and you are ordered to evacuate, EvacCash instantly pays out $500. This enables you to cover essential expenses such as temporary accommodation, transportation, and food.

How does EvacCash differ from traditional insurance policies?

EvacCash is designed to fill a critical gap in the market by providing immediate financial support during evacuations. Unlike traditional insurance policies that may cover "loss of use" and emergency needs but require out-of-pocket expenses initially, EvacCash ensures that individuals have the financial means to handle unexpected evacuation expenses immediately.

How are premium payments handled?

EvacCash offers automated premium payments for ease and convenience, ensuring your policy remains active without manual intervention.

How quickly are payouts processed?

EvacCash is committed to fast payout processing upon an evacuation order. We understand the urgency of accessing funds during an evacuation and strive to provide financial support to our policyholders as swiftly as possible.

Who can benefit from EvacCash?

EvacCash is ideal for anyone who may be financially vulnerable during a wildfire evacuation.

What does EvacCash cover?

The immediate payout helps policyholders manage their financial needs swiftly during emergencies.

What educational resources does EvacCash offer?

EvacCash provides various resources and tips on preparing for wildfire evacuations. These resources are designed to educate our users on effectively preparing for evacuations, ensuring they're informed and ready.

Instant $500 Payout When Wildfires Strike!